Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Use Google Drive to Share Videos Privately

Google Drive is full of options that often go overlooked. One of those options is privately sharing videos. To share videos through Google Drive upload them to your Google Drive account, preview them, then share by using the sharing options at the top of the preview screen. The sharing options allow you specify who can access the video. The screenshots below outline the process. (Click the images to view them in full size).

Step 1: Upload your video to Google Drive.

Step 2: Select you uploaded video.

Step 3: Click the share button.

Step 4: Choose your sharing options.

The Public Domain Review - A Good Place to Find Public Domain Media

The Public Domain Review is a website that features collections of images, books, essays, audio recordings, and films that are in the public domain. Choose any of the collections to search for materials according to date, style, genre, and rights. Directions for downloading and saving media is included along with each collection of media.

As you might guess, nearly all of what I found in the collections on The Public Domain Review is content of a historical nature. The collections include short descriptions that explain the significance of the media you're accessing.

Applications for Education
The Public Domain Review could be a great place to find historical media to use in history lessons, literature lessons, and art history lessons. If you're looking for colorful imagery to use as filler or backgrounds in slide presentations, the collections on The Public Domain Review are probably not your best bet. In that case, I would look to Pixabay for images that are in the public domain.

Explore Iceland in Google Street View

Getting ready for skiing at midnight
in Iceland. 
Iceland is of my favorite places in the world for vacation. I've been there twice (from where I live it's easier and cheaper to get to Iceland than it is to go to California). Iceland full of natural beauty that I've been fortunate to explore on mountain bike, skis, and sailboat. Now everyone can explore the natural beauty of Iceland through Google Maps Street View.

The latest update to Google Maps Street View includes imagery captured by driving on Iceland's Golden Road and imagery captured by people walking through Iceland's natural wonders like ├×ingvellir where I once pretended to hold Europe back from North America. Read the history and look at the Street View imagery and you'll see how I did that.

Iceland is known for its geothermal activity and waterfalls. You can see plenty of both in the new Street View imagery.

View Larger Map

Applications for Education
The new Google Street View Imagery of Iceland could be useful in starting conversations with students about how geothermal activities and shifting tectonic plates influence the landscape of a place.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Share Lesson Outlines in Google Calendar

I've done a lot of workshops about Google Apps over the years. In the section about Google Calendar I always share my favorite use of Google Calendar. That use is sharing lesson plan outlines in the events on a Google Calendar.

In my Google Calendar account I always create a calendar for each the classes that I teach. Then in those calendars I create events for each class meeting. In the event details I include a short outline of that day's lesson plan and or objectives. If I have hand-outs for that day, I include those as attachments. Click here for a sample of how the students will see those events. Click here to learn how to add attachments to a calendar event.

Popchrom Can Alleviate the Feeling of Dread When Your Inbox is Full

Popchrom is a Google Chrome extension that could change the way you feel about your email inbox. Popchrom is a Chrome extension that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for inserting large chunks of text into an email. So instead of retyping a message you can simply hit your keyboard shortcut and insert a big chunk of text.

After you install the Popchrom extension enter chunks of frequently-used text into your Popchrom settings and assign a keyboard shortcut for those chunks. Then when you need to write a response to an email you can use those keyboard shortcuts to have your message created for you.

Applications for Education
If you find that you often type the same type of message to parents, students, or colleagues, Popchrom could save you tons of time.