Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Seats Left - Getting Ready for GAFE - With Graduate Credit Available!

As announced earlier this month, in October I will be offering my online course Getting Ready for GAFE in partnership with the Midwest Teacher's Institute. This partnership allows me to offer graduate credits for the course. You can find the full details of the course and registration information here. We are down to just ten seats available for the October session.

Course Summary
Getting Ready for GAFE is a five week course covering everything you need to know to to integrate Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Google Sites into your practice in the new school year. Has your school recently transitioned to Google Apps for Education? If so, this course offers everything you need to know to take advantage of the great things that GAFE offers to teachers and students.

Click here to register today.

Timelapse of Autumn - A Video Project Idea

A few times this week while walking my dogs I have noticed more and more leaves starting to change colors on some of the trees. As I thought about that this morning I had an idea for a timelapse video project. Starting today I am taking one picture per day of the same view from my living room. In four to six weeks from now when the leaves have completely changed I am going to upload the pictures to JellyCam to create a timelapse of the changing colors of autumn. If you want to try the same thing with your students, here's the process that I am using.

1. Take one picture per day of the same view or of one singular tree. 
Using your cell phone is probably the best tool for this because we rarely go anywhere without one.

2. Upload the pictures to a Google Drive folder. 
It only takes one tap to move my photos from my Android phone to a Google Drive folder that I have labeled "Fall 2014 foliage." If This Then That has a recipe for doing this automatically from Android phones and from iPhones.

3. After four to six weeks, upload photos to JellyCam and create your timelapse. 
JellyCam is a free video editing program for Windows and Mac users. You can easily adjust the duration of each frame and easily add a soundtrack to your video. Click here for a video about using JellyCam.

Lucidpress - The Best of Apple's Pages With the Best of Google Documents

In my post about the Google Apps Marketplace opening up to more users, I mentioned a nice third party app called Lucidchart. Lucidchart is a great tool for creating outlines and mindmaps. Lucidpress comes from the same developers and has a broader appeal for teachers and students. (Click here for the Marketplace version and click here for the general version).

Lucidpress is a slick tool for collaboratively creating multimedia documents. If you watch the video below you'll notice that Lucidpress has some similarities to Google Documents. In fact, you can use your Google Account to sign into Lucidpress and you can use items stored in your Google Drive account in your Lucidpress documents. Lucidpress has commenting and sharing features that are similar to Google Drive too. What makes Lucidpress different from Google Documents is the selection of layouts and the layout customizations available to you. I look at Lucidpress as being the best of Apple's Pages and the best of Google Documents combined into one slick service.

Applications for Education
Lucidpress, just like Lucidcharts, is free for teachers and students (scroll to the bottom of the pricing page for information about access as an educator). Lucidpress could be an excellent tool for students to create multimedia documents as reports or to tell a creative story. It is possible that your students could use it to create a multimedia online yearbook too.

Google Apps Marketplace Opens to Users Below Admin Level

The Google Apps Marketplace contains great third party applications that integrate with your Google Apps domain. Lucid Chart is one that I often recommend. Until this week Google Apps Marketplace apps could only be added to a domain and a user's account by a domain administrator. That has changed with the latest update to Google Apps. Now Google Apps for Edu domain administrators have the option to allow individual users to add apps from the Google Apps Marketplace. Domain administrators can also choose to customize which apps are made available to their domains.

Applications for Education
In the past if there was a Google Apps Marketplace app like Lucid Chart that a teacher wanted to use, he or she would have to ask a domain administrator to add it. This update makes it possible for domain administrators to give teachers the rights to adding the Marketplace apps that they want to use.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Use Diigo in Firefox

This is a post for a friend of mine who will remain nameless who recently shared on Facebook how stressed she was when her bookmarks disappeared from Firefox. My suggestion to her was to start using Diigo or Evernote to bookmark her favorite websites and video clips. In the video below I provide directions for using Diigo in Firefox.