Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sight Words - Create Vocabulary Games and Flashcards

Sight Words is a service that provides vocabulary flashcards and games designed for K-3 students. On the site you can find pre-made flashcards and pre-made vocabulary games. All of the the flashcards and games are PDFs that you print to use offline.

In addition to the pre-made flashcards and games Sight Words offers templates for creating your own printable flashcards and games. Most of the games on Sight Words include detailed directions and videos on how to utilize the game in your lessons. The video on Sight Words Fly Swat is embedded below.

Prezi Is Now Available on Android Devices - Present Remotely

Cross-posted from my other blog, Android4Schools.com.

The popular presentation tool Prezi has released a new Android app. The new app allows you to access all of the presentations in your Prezi account. You can view your presentations and present them remotely from your Android phone or tablet.

The remote presentation option in Prezi Android works the same way as it does in Prezi for iPad. To present remotely select "present remotely" in your presentation's sharing options. Prezi will generate a remote sharing link that you should then distribute to your audience. Through that link your audience can follow your slides on their laptops, iPads, or Android devices. When you move the slides, the slides move on the devices being used by the members of your audience.

Applications for Education
Using remote presentation services like that available through Prezi's new Android app is a good way to keep your students on the same slide that you're projecting. Likewise, remote presentation services provide a good way for students to share with classmates.

H/T to The Next Web.

Google Announces Steps to Clean Up Blogger

If you log into your Blogger account today you will notice a new message from Google about adult content. Clicking the link in that message will take you to Google's new policy about posting adult content on Blogger blogs. The new policy will take effect on March 23rd. The new policy bars posting adult content on public Blogger blogs.

One of the long-standing problems with using Blogger in schools is that school district web filters have often blocked it because Google has allowed Blogger to be used to host adult-only content. Hopefully, this policy change by Google will clean-up Blogger and make it easier for schools to use. Blogger provides one of the easiest ways to create blogs, especially if your school is using Google Apps for Education.

Monday, February 23, 2015

How Wind Chill Is Calculated

If you follow me on Twitter you might already know that we are currently experiencing frigid wind chills here in western Maine. This got me thinking about how the wind chill is calculated. I didn't know (or couldn't remember the formula from the meteorology course I took in college) so I turned to YouTube where I quickly found this short explanatory video from Presh Talwalkar.

Applications for Education
There is obviously a math lesson waiting to happen here. But that lesson could be part of a larger assignment in which students develop weather forecasts and produce them as videos to share on a school or classroom website.

5 Videos on Making Flipped Video Lessons

Creating flipped video lessons is one of the topics that I frequently receive questions about in my email inbox. I've started putting together some videos about how to use various tools for creating and sharing flipped video lessons. In the videos embedded below I demonstrate how use EduCanon, VideoNotes, EDpuzzle, Versal, and Otus to create and distribute flipped video lessons.

Disclosure: Versal is currently advertising on FreeTech4Teachers.com.