Saturday, February 6, 2016

More Than 4000 People Get Their Ed Tech Tips This Way

Over the last 20 months I've made a concerted effort to consistently update my YouTube channel with at least one new tutorial video every week. This morning while uploading my video about making screenshots with Evernote I noticed that there are now more than 4,000 people subscribed to my YouTube channel. If you would like to be alerted when I add new videos to my YouTube channel, please consider subscribing to it.

My two most popular YouTube playlists are embedded below.

How to Clip & Share Sections of Google Books

Earlier this week at the TCEA conference in Austin, Texas I ran a short workshop about Google Books. One of the things that we did in that session was clip and share sections of free Google ebooks. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to clip and share sections of free Google ebooks.

Applications for Education
Clipping and sharing a section of a free Google ebook in your classroom blog is a great way to direct students to a particular passage that you want them to read and comment on. In the same blog post that you share a section of a Google ebook you should also insert some questions for students to think about and respond to in the comments of your classroom blog.

How to Create Annotated Screenshots With Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote Web Clipper is a handy tool for teachers and students. I use it every day to bookmark websites. I also use it for creating annotated screenshots. Students can use it to clear distractions from web pages that they are reading. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to do those three handy things with the Evernote Web Clipper.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Mic Note - Create Time-stamped Multimedia Notes

Mic Note is a free Chrome app that allows you to create voice recordings, text notes, and image-based notes on one concise notebook page. The notes that you record with your voice can be time-stamped by clicking on your Mic Note note page while you're recording. You can also take notes without recording any audio. All notes support inclusion of images and links. The best part of Mic Note is that you can sync all of your notes to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Watch the video below to see how you can create notes in Mic Note.

Applications for Education
Mic Note could be a good tool for students who want or need to record a teacher giving a short presentation. Students could let the recorder run while they type their own notes about what the teacher is saying to the class. And because Mic Note supports pictures, students could insert images of slides and or diagrams that their teachers display.

Mic Note also has potential to be a good tool for students who are conducting interviews as they can write time-stamped notes while recording.

Students Can Compare Maps Side-by-Side in GE Teach

GE Teach is a great map tool that I last featured about 18 months ago. GE Teach is developed and maintained by a high school teacher in Texas named Josh Williams. We had the chance to meet at TCEA this week and chat about GE Teach.

GE Teach has gone through a bunch of iterations over the years. It is now built on the Google Maps API. On GE Teach students can compare two maps side-by-side. Students can select from gallery of map layers to compare side-by-side in GE Teach. In addition to comparing maps students can still use the drawing and measuring tools that you would typically find in Google's My Maps tool.

Applications for Education
GE Teach provides a great way for students to compare data sets in a map environment. In the screenshot above you can see that I decided to compare total population with population density. That comparison allows students to see where people live within the most populated countries in the world.

A bonus of GE Teach is that your students can enable the drawing and measuring tools without having to sign into a Google Account.

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