Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to Change Access Settings in the New Version of Google Forms

If your Google Apps for Education domain has recently switched to the new version of Google Forms, you might find yourself needing some time to find where all of your favorite features and settings are now hidden. The settings that you'll probably most concerned about when you switch are the access settings. In the video below I demonstrate where the access settings are located in the new version of Google Forms, how and why you might change them from the default settings, and how to revert to the old version of Google Forms if you need to.

I cover topics like this one and many others in my online course, Getting Going With GAFE. Registration is now open for the spring and summer sections of the course. 3 graduate credits are available for completing the course.

Top Tips for Teaching Search Strategies - Free Webinar Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 4pm Eastern Time I will be leading a free webinar on the topic of teaching search strategies to students. The webinar, sponsored by Choosito, will feature strategies that can be used by students across a number of search engines. Part of the webinar will also include an overview of the aspects of Choosito that make it unique compared to other search engines. Registration space is limited.

The webinar will be recorded. The recording of the webinar will be posted on Free Technology for Teachers on Friday morning. You do not need to contact me to get access to the recording.

About Choosito:
Choosito is a search engine that offers a reading level index for its search results. When you search on Choosito you can select to refine results to reading levels marked as Early Readers, Emerging Readers, Fluent Readers, or Advanced Readers. In addition to reading level refinement Choosito offers an option to sort results by subject area. Choosito's basic search tools including the reading level and subject area filters are available to use for free.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Google Calendar Reminders Coming Soon to a Browser Near You

The Google Calendar Android and iOS apps have offered task reminder alerts for quite a while now. I certainly appreciate most of the reminders that pop-up on my phone. But I don't always have my phone next to me or have audible alerts turned on when I'm working on my computer. That forces me to look in my email for my task reminders or use Hashtag ToDo to add and see reminders in my web browser. Fortunately, Google announced today that over the next couple of weeks Google will be rolling-out a reminders feature in the browser-based version of Google Calendar.

The new reminders option in Google Calendar will let you create task reminders within the browser-based version of Google Calendar. Reminder tasks that you don't complete on a given day will automatically forward to the next day until you complete the task. 

Applications for Education
For students in school districts that are using Google Apps for Education, this new Calendar feature could provide a good way to keep track of homework assignments for each of their classes. 

How to Clip and Share a Portion of a YouTube Video

Online videos can be quite useful for reiterating a lesson to your students, for inspiring thought and conversation, and for introducing a new concept to your students. The struggle we have sometimes is finding a video that gets to the point quickly. And sometimes we don't need students to watch all of a TED Talk or other lecture in order to get them thinking about a concept. That's when a tool for sharing a portion of a video is handy to have. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use TubeChop to clip and share a portion of a YouTube video.

ClassDojo Presents a New Series of Videos on Growth Mindset

A few months ago ClassDojo published a series of videos about growth mindset. Those video, produced in association with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales, were accompanied by discussion guides to use with students and their parents. The series proved to be popular so ClassDojo has announced the launch of a second series of videos and discussions about growth mindset.

The second Big Ideas series produced by ClassDojo continues with the theme of growth mindset. In the first episode of the new series we see the main characters Katie and Mojo tackle the problem of the "the dip." The video aims to teach students how to identify a "dip" and what to do about it. The video is embedded below. Discussion questions can be found in this PDF.

Applications for Education
ClassDojo's Big Ideas video series can be used in any K-12 classroom. The discussion guides that accompany each episode are suitable for K-6 students. When you download the discussion guide (PDF) you will also download a sheet of "tear away" questions that you can send home with your students to discuss with their parents.

For resources to use with older students, take a look at the Mindset Kit produced by PERTS at Stanford University.