Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Fun App for Learning to Add Fractions

This post originally appeared on one of my other blogs, iPadApps4School.com.

Fraction Mash is a free iPad app that provides a fun way for students to learn about fractions. The app lets students insert two pictures then divide those pictures into grids, columns, pie slices, triangles, or rows. Once their pictures have been divided students select the portions of one picture that they want to combine with the other picture. Students' selections of image portions must equal 1 when the two images are combined. Fraction Mash lets students choose how many pieces each picture is divided into.

When students have completed their image-based fractions problems they can save them to the camera rolls on their iPads. From there they can share them with you in a variety of ways including through Google Classroom. But there is more that your students can do with the fractions mash-ups they make in Fraction Mash. Fraction Mash includes an option for students to write reports about their fraction mashes. The reports templates let students insert the images and the fraction problems they created into their reports. They can then write about the fractions problems that they created and solved. Those reports can be saved and shared with you.

Fraction Mash does offer advertise an online classroom space, but it wasn't working when I tried it. You'll probably do just as well to have your students share their work with you through Google Classroom or another LMS client that is installed on your students' iPads.

How to Use the Explore Function in Google Docs for Android

This post originally appeared on one of my other blogs, Android4Schools.com.

I was recently asked about how to use the Explore function in Google Docs on an Android device. While it is similar to the web version of the Explore function, the layout is a little different. In my video embedded below I demonstrate and explain how to use the Explore function in Google Docs on an Android device.

For more tips about G Suite apps, take a look at my YouTube channel which contains more than 100 tutorial videos.

Why You Should Try to Use Video on Your Blog

This morning Isla and I posted a short video on YouTube to explain why you should try to include videos in your blog posts. Using videos in blog posts helps to keep visitors on your blog longer. For teachers and school administrators, adding a videos to your blog is a good way to show students and parents who you are and what you sound like. And, of course, videos are helpful when you're explaining something that needs visuals in order to make sense.

I'll be sharing many more strategies for improving your blog in tomorrow's Wednesday Webinar, Winning Blog Strategies.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Geosciences Bridge - A NOAA Internship for High School Students

Geosciences Bridge is an internship opportunity for high school seniors who are interested in pursuing careers in geosciences. The six week program is hosted at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. Students receive college credits and stipends in addition to having all expenses paid.

The Geosciences Bridge internship gives students the opportunity to learn about ocean sciences, atmospheric sciences, and geographic information systems. The internship will run from July 5th through August 11th. Applications are due by March 31st. The program is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Science Foundation.

Additional NOAA-sponsored internships and fellowships can be found on their Opportunities for Students page.

A Blog About iPad Apps and One About Android Apps

About a month ago I had a huge database problem on my blogs iPad Apps 4 School and Android 4 Schools. After a month of struggle I finally admitted that I was out of my league and called in professional help this morning. Of course, the pro was able to fix it all about an hour. The lesson here for me is, don't be so cheap and try to fix it all yourself. Anyway, both sites are now back to running as designed.

There are new posts up on Android 4 Schools and iPad Apps 4 School. The Android post is a tutorial on using the Explore function in Google Docs for Android. The iPad post is about a neat app that helps students learn how to add fractions.