Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Quick Rubric Offers an Easy Way to Create Rubrics Online

Quick Rubric is a free tool for writing, editing, and printing rubrics. On Quick Rubric you can create a rubric that is tailored to your points/ scoring system, the quantity of descriptors that you need, and utilizes the exact language that you specify. You can save as many rubrics as you like in your free Quick Rubric account. You can copy and modify rubrics your account so that you don't always have to start from scratch when creating a new assignment rubric.

Applications for Education
Quick Rubric won't make choosing the language that goes into your rubrics any easier, but it will make it easier to save, edit, and print your rubrics once they are complete. There is a rubric writing tips section in Quick Rubric as well as a formatting tips section that some teachers should find helpful.

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How to Manage Google Chrome Extensions

Have you ever looked at your Chrome browser and noticed an extension that you haven't used in months? If so, it might be time to disable and or remove that extension. Not only will doing that slightly improve the performance of your browser, it can lower your security risks.The fewer unused third-party extensions that you have, the fewer chances you have to be vulnerable if one of those extensions has a problem. In the following video I demonstrate how to manage your Chrome extensions.

Ten Things Flubaroo Can Do for You

In this afternoon's webinar about Google Forms and Sheets for Beginners I shared a few of the features of Flubaroo for grading quizzes created in Google Forms. But there is more to Flubaroo than meets the eye. You might already know that Flubaroo can grade multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, but did you know that it can score "range-based" responses? Or did you know that you can give partial credit for check-box questions? Those features and more are explained in Dave Abouav's video Ten Things You Didn't Know Flubaroo Can Do. Dave is the developer of Flubaroo.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Real Value of Google Forms, Sheets, and Add-ons

The first time that I figured out how to make a quiz in Google Forms, I was hooked. Then Kern Kelley showed me how to use a spreadsheet to automatically grade those quizzes (this was long before Flubaroo or even the idea of Add-ons) and I was in love. Those tools made it much quicker to score formative assessments, but more importantly it gave me more time to talk with my students and more time to spend on developing creative lesson ideas. 

In the years since I first used Google Forms and Sheets the tools have been refined and more options have been added. Along the way it has become easier to streamline other routine teacher tasks like emailing updates to parents, providing feedback on summative assessments, and even keeping track of classroom materials. Tutorials for many of those things can be found in the short videos on my YouTube channel. But if you desire more direct instruction with the opportunity to ask me questions directly, join me tomorrow for Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners

Discovery Education Announces New Virtual Events for Students

This winter Discovery Education will be hosting a series of virtual events for students. The content of the events range from the Inauguration of a President to the Super Bowl to a Pi Day celebration. The event titles, dates, and classroom registration links are listed below.

MLK Jr. Day Virtual Viewing Party January 13th at 1pm ET

Inauguration Virtual Experience January 19th at 1pm ET

NFL Live Experience at Super Bowl LI January 31st at 1pm ET

President's Day Virtual Viewing Party February 17th at 1pm ET

Young Scientist Virtual Field Trip Inside 3M February 23rd at 1pm ET

Pi Day Virtual Experience March 14th at 1pm ET

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