Thursday, February 16, 2017

Three Ways for Students to Create Digital Flashcards

Take a look down the hallways of your school before the next big test that you're giving to your students and you will see students flipping through flashcards. Those might be paper flashcards or, increasingly, those flashcards are digital. If you or your students are looking for ways to create digital flashcards, take a look at the following options.

Vocabulist, developed by a high school student in Florida, enables students to upload a list of words and terms that they need to learn. When the list is uploaded each word in it is matched to a definition. If the definition rendered isn't exactly right, students can modify it within Vocabulist. Once the list of words and definitions is set students can download the list as a PDF or export the list to Quizlet where it will then be turned into a set of digital flashcards. (Students must have a Quizlet account).

Quizlet is probably the most well-known digital flashcard tool. Quizlet lets students create flashcards from scratch, import lists to create flashcards, or browse for sets of flashcards created and shared by others. Flashcards created from scratch can include pictures and audio (audio is available only with a paid upgrade). The flashcards students create can be viewed online and on their mobile devices even if they lose their data connections.

If you want to create flashcards that include audio for free, Flippity's flashcard creator is the way to go. Through you can quickly create a set of flashcards that include pictures, videos, and text. You can even turn your flashcards into a printable quiz. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how easy it is to use Flippity to create flashcards from a spreadsheet.

Quickly Create Bingo Boards In Google Sheets

Flippity provides teachers with easy-to-use Google Sheets templates. A bingo board generator is the latest template added to Flippity's catalog of offerings. The bingo board generator lets you quickly create sets of unique bingo boards that you can print or have your students use online during a game of bingo in your classroom.

You can access Flippity's bingo template from the Flippity homepage or you can access it from within Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on. The Google Sheets Add-on is easy to use. My video embedded below teaches you how to use Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on.

Applications for Education
Flippity's bingo template could be handy when you want to create a set of unique boards for a review game. Or you could use the generator to create boards for a scavenger hunt activity on a field trip.

The Art of Storytelling - Pixar in a Box

The Art of Storytelling is part of the Pixar in a Box a project from Pixar and Khan Academy through which students can learn how the stories they see in Pixar movies come to life.

The Art of Storytelling is a section of Pixar in a Box that teaches students about four elements universal to good storytelling. The Art of Storytelling is comprised of six instructional videos and four lesson activities for students. The videos and activities can be shared through Google Classroom.

Applications for Education
Part of the fun of making a video is in sharing your stories with others. Telling a story is an art and comes in many styles. Regardless of the style used to tell a story, there are elements universal to all well-told stories. The Art of Storytelling could be a good lesson for your students to work through before embarking on their next video creation projects.

H/T to Lifehacker

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Games@NOAA - A Gallery of Educational Games About Oceans and Weather

NOAA's Games Planet Arcade offers twenty-six educational games for young students. The games are intended to help students learn about oceans, wildlife, and weather. Twenty of the games address topics related to marine life.

While the games are not terribly complex or fancy, they do offer some solid information for young students. For example, the Humpback Whale Migration game isn't much more than a board game that provides students with information about Humpback whales. As students move across the board they are stopped at spaces offering facts about the annual migrations of Humpback whales.

Sea Turtles and the Quest to Nest is one of the headline games of NOAA's Games Planet Arcade. The object of the game is to help a sea turtle avoid common obstacles on while navigating the ocean and the beach before laying her eggs and returning to the sea.

About half of the games are hosted on NOAA's website and the others are linked to the websites of PBS, National Geographic or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some simple games to supplement a lesson on oceans, ocean wildlife, or weather, take a look at NOAA's Games Planet Arcade.

Virtual Reality in Education - A Conversation With Greg Kulowiec

Virtual reality has the potential to provide our students with great learning experiences. It is still in its early stages of adoption in schools and there are lots of questions about how it works and how it can be used in classrooms. On February 27th Greg Kulowiec from EdTechTeacher and I will host a Google Hangout On Air to talk about virtual reality in education. I hope that you can join us for this free event.

In advance of the Hangout you might want to take a look at these studies about virtual reality in education.

If you think virtual reality headsets are too expensive for your classroom, take a look at this DIY project for making virtual reality headsets.