Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Than 400 Science Animations

Learners TV, like many similar sites on the Internet, offers an index of math and science video lessons. What makes Learners TV a little different is that it also has an index of more than 400 science concept animations. The science animations on Learners TV are organized into three categories; biology, physics, and chemistry. Please not that the animations require Flash and that you may have to be patient while they load.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some animations to illustrate concepts mentioned in your science lessons, take a look at the Learners TV gallery of animations. I think it would be great if Learners TV had paired the animations to specific videos in their libraries, but that could be a project for students.

The Week In Review - The Most Popular Posts

Good evening from Connecticut where I'm visiting family for Easter weekend. It was a big day for me and my daughter as it was our first long trip alone to drive down here. And other than one side-of-the-road emergency diaper change, it was a smooth trip. Check my Instagram tomorrow for a cute picture of a baby in an Easter dress. Whether you're traveling (it's school vacation week around here) or staying close to home, I hope that you have a great weekend.

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Understanding the Science of Baseball

Baseball, my favorite professional team sport, is back in season. And soon Little League baseball will be starting again too. If you have elementary school students who are interested in America's National Pastime, take a look at Exploratorium's the Science of Baseball. The Science of Baseball is a bit dated in its looks, but it still has some nice resources that can help students understand how a bit of science and mathematics is involved in the game. The Science of Baseball includes video and audio clips of baseball players and scientists explaining how the weather affects the flight of the ball, the physics of various pitches, and reaction times to thrown and batted baseballs.

Applications for Education
The Science of Baseball has five suggested hands-on activities that you can do with your students after they have gone through the online resources. These activities could be a good way to get some of the Little Leaguers in your classroom excited about a science and mathematics lesson.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The PeriodicTable of Videos - An Update from the Archive

Earlier this week an email from a reader prompted me to take a look back through my archives for chemistry-related resources. The Periodic Table of Videos is one that popped-up that I hadn't thought about in years. In fact, it has been nine years since I wrote about it. In that time a lot of new videos has been added to it.

The Periodic Table of Videos is produced by The University of Nottingham. The table features a video demonstration of the characteristics of each element in the table. Each element in the Periodic Table displayed on the home page is linked to a video about that element. Elements highlighted in pink on the chart have recently updated videos about them.

To create flipped lessons out of the videos in the Periodic Table of Videos, try one of these seven good options for making flipped lessons.

How to Annotate Images on a Chromebook

From time to time you may find yourself needing to highlight portions of an image or point out features of a diagram for your students. Or you may want students to do the same. For example, in an photography class you may have students mark an image to illustrate use of lighting and framing. On a Chromebook it's fairly easily to annotate images if you use Google Keep. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to download images to a Chromebook and how to then annotate them.

We'll cover lots of tips and topics like this one during the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp this summer.

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