Sunday, June 4, 2017

Shuck 400 Oysters...Bus Huxley Shows You Can Learn Anything Online

Gardner Waldeier is one of the most interesting people that I know. We first met when he showed up to a cycling club group ride with a 20+ year old steel bike and a borrowed helmet while wearing cotton pants and sneakers. He then proceeded to crush almost everyone on the climbs and held his own on the sprints. I knew then that Gardner wasn't your average cat.

Gardner produces some fantastic videos that he publishes on YouTube under the screen name of Bus Huxley (that's also the name he uses on Strava). Lately he's been getting some press in New England for his videos including a recent profile that was aired on many National Public Radio stations. Listen to the interview and you'll hear some astute observations about learning and sharing in the digital age.

Gardner says, "I live my life by saying that I can do something that I can't." He then goes out and uses the Internet to learn how to do those things like shucking 400 oysters for a restaurant on short notice.

The end of the recent NPR story about Gardner closes with this valuable reminder for all of us; "once something is put out on the Internet, it is carved into digital stone."

Take a look at Gardner's videos and see what you can learn. And listen to the NPR profile, it has some gems for digital age from a man who seeming straddles the 21st, 20th, and 19th Centuries every day. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Clever Use of Google Keep for Grading in Google Docs

Earlier this year Google Keep became a core service of G Suite for Education. That update brought with it an improved integration of Google Keep into Google Docs. Eric Curts who writes the blog Control Alt Achieve has a great idea for using Google Keep to give students feedback in Google Documents. Watch his video, which I have embedded below, to see how he does it.

If You're Still Using Delicious, Stop and Try Something Else

Delicious (, once the darling of the Web 2.0 bookmarking community, has been sold again. This marks the fifth time that the service has been sold. This time it looks like this is really the end for Delicious. The service was acquired by Pinboard who earlier this week announced that on June 15th Delicious would become a read-only site. This means that if you're still using Delicious to bookmark websites, you'll have to find another way to bookmark after June 14th.

In Pinboard's announcement it was mentioned that they will be reactivating the option to export bookmarks from Delicious. As of this morning, that option is still not available.

If find yourself looking for a new way to bookmark and share your favorite websites, I recommend using either Google Keep or Diigo.

H/T to Lifehacker for the news about Delicious and Pinboard. 

The G Suite Newsletter - What's New In G Suite

There are times when it seems that keeping up with the updates in G Suite can be a full-time job in itself. Fortunately, at then end of every month Google publishes a newsletter that highlights the updates made in the previous month. You can find this month's G Suite Newsletter here.

Highlights from the May issue of the G Suite Newsletter:

  • Smart(er) replies in Gmail.
  • Vertical item grouping in Google Sites.
  • A new community for G Suite administrators.
  • New folder & migration options for Team Drives

How to Invite Students to Google Classroom & How to Join a Google Classroom

The addition of Gmail users to the Google Classroom platform has made it possible for almost anyone to create and join courses in Google Classroom. This has also caused some confusion for people who previously used Google Classroom with a G Suite for Education account. The confusion arises when a person tries to join a Gmail-based Google Classroom while logged into a G Suite for Education account. I recorded the following videos to hopefully clear-up some of that confusion.

How to create a Google Classroom with a Gmail account.

How to invite students to Google Classroom. How to join a Google Classroom with a Gmail account.