Thursday, August 3, 2017

A New Google Forms Feedback Feature You and Your Students Will Like

Earlier this week Google released a bunch of updates to Google Classroom and Google Forms. One of the updates to Google Forms is the option to give individualized feedback on each question that a student answers on a quiz given through Google Forms. In the video embedded below I provide a demonstration of how to use this new feedback feature.

Applications for Education
This new feedback option could be great to use on quizzes that have short answer questions as you can give students an explanation of why their answers were or were not given full points.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Three Google Classroom Updates That You Will Appreciate

Six updates to Google Classroom were released yesterday. Three of those updates could immediately improve your use of Google Classroom this fall. Those three features are demonstrated in my video embedded below. In the video you will see how to view all of a single student's work in one stream, how to display class codes for easier viewing by students, and how to rearrange the order in which your Classrooms are displayed in your homepage.

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Practical Ed Tech Live Episode #13

On Tuesday afternoon I hosted another episode of Practical Ed Tech Live. As I do in every episode, I answered some questions that I had received in advance and some that were submitted live. The questions that were submitted in advance can be seen in this document. The video of the episode is embedded below.

Three Good Videos About Solar Eclipses

On August 21st a solar eclipse will cover a large portion of the United States. If you're in an area that the eclipse will cover, you may want to have your students build solar eclipse viewing boxes. But before doing that, you may want to have your students review how eclipses happen. The following three videos are good for that purpose.

Of the three videos in this post, this one from Vox is the most detailed and is well suited to use in a flipped lesson tool like EDpuzzle.

If you need a short refresher to post in a classroom blog, the following video from the Washington Post is a good choice.

Finally, for elementary school classrooms, SciShow Kids offers the following lesson about solar eclipses. The shortcoming of this video is that it is based on the solar eclipse that covered parts of Europe in 2015. That might be a little confusing for some students.

Teaching History With Technology - Expanded to Four Weeks

This afternoon at 3pm EST I am starting the latest version of my Practical Ed Tech online course Teaching History With Technology. I've hosted this course six times this year and the last two times I had to schedule additional sessions to cover all of the content and questions. So I finally decided to just schedule it as a four week course instead of a three week course. Part of the reason for that is explained in my video below.

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