Saturday, September 2, 2017

Where to Find and How to Use the New Kahoot Math Games

Earlier this week Kahoot launched a new featured called Kahoot Studio. Studio is a curated collection of math games made by Kahoot and aligned to Common Core standards. In the future Kahoot will be adding games for other subjects.

I received a couple of emails from readers looking for more information about Kahoot Studio. In particular, one person wanted to know if she could modify the math games in the Kahoot Studio. Yes, you can modify the games. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to find the new Kahoot math games and how to modify them.

How to Find and Use YouTube Embed Codes

You might have noticed that YouTube made some layout changes. One of those changes included altering the sharing menu and moving the location of the embed codes for videos. Someone emailed me this morning asking for help on finding the location of the embed codes for YouTube videos. I made the following short screencast to explain where to find and how to use YouTube embed codes.

Applications for Education
YouTube embed codes make it possible to include a video in your blog posts and on your website. I often include videos in blog posts as a way to provide audio and visual explanation of a concept that I have written about. I also use videos in classroom blog posts to spark discussion in the comments section of a blog post.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Loom - Screencast on Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs

Loom is a free screencasting tool that works on Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows computers. Loom is a Chrome extension. With Loom installed you can record your desktop, an individual tab, and or your webcam. That means that you could use Loom to just record a webcam video on a Chromebook. Of course, this also means that you can use Loom to record your webcam while also recording your desktop.

Loom recordings can be up to ten minutes long. A completed recording can be shared via social media and email. You can also download your recordings as MP4 files to upload to YouTube or any other video hosting service.

Applications for Education
This is the time of year when you're likely to be introducing some new tools to your students and or your colleagues. Creating a screencast video that your students or colleagues can watch whenever they need reminders of how to use a tool can save you a lot of time in the long run. Loom makes it easy to quickly record a screencast video on almost any computer.

How to Share a Portion of a YouTube Video

Over the years I have used videos to recap a lesson, to introduce a new concept, and to spark discussion amongst my students. When sharing videos with students I will often share just a portion of it. Usually, this means that I have them skip the first twenty or thirty seconds that has intro or pre-roll material. And occasionally there are longer videos that I my students to skip to the middle before starting to watch the balance of the video. Here are three good ways to share a portion of a video with your students.

YouTube's sharing menu includes an option to have a video start at a specified time. Take a look at my screenshot below to see where to find that option.

TubeChop is a good tool for clipping and sharing a portion of a YouTube video. Watch my video below to see how it works.

EDPuzzle offers more than just clipping and sharing a portion of a video. It is a complete system for cropping videos and adding quiz questions to them. Watch my videos below to learn how to use EDPuzzle.

Kahoot Launches a New Collection of Math Games

Kahoot, the immensely popular review game platform, has launched a new component for teachers. The new component is called Kahoot Studio. Kahoot Studio offers curated collections of pre-made Kahoot quizzes. The collections will contain quiz games created by Kahoot staff and Kahoot's "expert" educators.

As of right now the only curated collection in the new Kahoot Studio is a set of mathematics games. Hopefully, more games will be added soon. In the mean time you can still browse through the publicly shared games created by other teachers. You can make copies of and edit publicly shared games to use in your own Kahoot account. Watch my video that is embedded below to learn how to make a copy and edit a public Kahoot game.

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