Thursday, January 25, 2018

Peter Pig Helps Kids Learn About Money

Peter Pig’s Money Counter is a fun little game designed to help kids learn to recognize U.S. coins, to recognize the values of U.S. coins, and to add the values of U.S. coins. The game is available to play online. Peter Pig's Money Counter is also available as a free iPad app and as a free Android app.

There are three levels in Peter Pig’s Money Counter and three games within each level. The first game asks students to sort coins into jars. The second game requires students to count coins and select the matching total value. The third game has students look at two piles of coins and determine which one has the greater value. The difference between the levels is the quantity and variety of coins displayed.

Applications for Education
Playing Peter Pig’s Money Counter could be a fun way for students to practice identifying and adding coins.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cold and Flu Season Lessons

As anyone who has been in a webinar with me in the last week can confirm, I've been fighting a cold. Like a lot of people, I seem to get a cold or the flu around this time every year. Fortunately, it's just a cold and not the flu. But what's the difference between the two? How can you avoid catching either one? Those questions and more are answered in the following videos.

Colds, the Flu, and You is a video from SciShow Kids that is appropriate for elementary school classrooms.

How is a cold or flu passed from person to person and what exactly is it doing to your body? NPR answers those questions in the following animated video.

What is ‘flu? - Explania

If you want to use any of these videos in flipped lessons, take a look at the tools featured in my playlist of tutorials on creating flipped lessons.

WriteReader Launches a New User Interface

WriteReader is one of my favorite writing tools for elementary school students and their teachers. WriteReader is a free service that students can use to create multimedia ebooks. I like it so much that I have included it in my Best of the Web 2018 presentation.

This week WriteReader unveiled an updated user interface. The new interface retains all of the features of the old one and adds some new functions. One of those new functions is drag-and-drop reordering of pages in WriteReader books. Another update is the option to share books with a private URL. And for teachers, there's an improved overview of all students' books. Finally, WriteReader is now more mobile-friendly than ever before. 

Applications for Education
One of WriteReader's outstanding features for teachers is the option to write corrections directly beneath a student's original writing in the ebook before publication. The feature that students like is gallery of artwork including Sesame Street scenes to use in their stories. And parents like that their children can record their own voices in WriteReader books.

Last fall Vicki Den Ouden wrote a guest post about using WriteReader with emerging writers in K-5 classrooms. You can read her post here.

Sutori Offers Another Alternative to Storify

Sutori is a neat tool for creating multimedia timelines. Therefore, it was a somewhat natural move for the Sutori team to develop a tool that enables Storify users to move their stories into Sutori. Sutori's Storify importer is easy to use as it doesn't require any coding on your part. To import a Storify story into Sutori all that you need to do is copy the link for a Storify story and paste it into the Sutori importer. Of course, you will need to do this for every Storify story that you wish to preserve before May when Storify will shut down and take down all content.

Another option for organizing Tweets into linear collections is to use Twitter's Moments feature.

Best of the Web 2018

This morning I had the privilege to give a presentation for the 2018 Wild Wisconsin Web Conference. They asked me last fall to give a Best of the Web presentation and I was happy to oblige. Until this morning I hadn't given a Best of the Web presentation since last March so I spent last week updating it for 2018. The slides from the presentation that I gave this morning are embedded below. You can also get PPT or PDF copies here.