Sunday, February 11, 2018

79 Math In "Real Life" Lessons

Math in Real Life is a series of 79 TED-Ed lessons and TED Talks. The "real life" context in these lessons isn't things like "how calculating percentages helps you be a frugal shopper." The "real life" context found in the videos in the Math in Real Life series is broad in nature. For example, you will find lessons about how math is used to guide ships and calculating rates of travel in space.

Applications for Education
The Math in Real Life series of TED-Ed videos, like most TED-Ed videos, could make nice extensions to your classroom instruction.

NASA Kids' Club - Fun Games for Learning About Space

NASA Kids' Club is a collection games, interactive activities, and images for students in Kindergarten through fourth grade. At the center of the NASA Kids' Club is a set of games and interactive activities arranged on five skill levels. The activities range from simple things like guessing numbers in "Airplane High Low" to more difficult tasks like identifying planets based on some clues provided in prompts in "Go to the Head of the Solar System."

Applications for Education
NASA Kids' Club offers a teachers' section in which each of the Kids' Club activities is outlined with alignment to NCTM and Common Core standards.

Youngzine - Great Current Events Resource

Youngzine is an excellent resource for anyone who needs ideas for current events lessons in an elementary school or middle school classroom.

Youngzine articles feature a mix of news, sports, and entertainment stories for elementary school students. A new edition is published weekly. Most articles on Youngzine are accompanied by a supporting video. Articles that reference locations include a map so that students can quickly identify the setting for a story. All articles are accompanied by critical thinking prompts for students. Those prompts can be used in Youngzine online classrooms created by teachers.

In Youngzine online classrooms you can assign articles for your students to read, ask them to respond to articles and discussion prompts, and view their scores on the Youngzine weekly quiz.

Applications for Education
Elementary school and middle school teachers looking for current events materials that will suit their students' reading abilities will find Youngzine to be a great resource. In addition to the classroom blog option featured above, Youngzine also offers students the option to contribute their own reporting to the site through the U-Write section of the site. Students can sign-up individually to contribute to Youngzine's U-Write section or a teacher can register his or her entire class.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Free Webinar - Inquiry-based Learning and the Fire Lab

Join on Monday at 3pm EST for a free webinar about inquiry-based learning. The webinar, sponsored by Xplorlabs by Underwriters Laboratories, will feature strategies for using inquiry-based learning, the role of the teacher in inquiry-based learning, and research on the benefits of inquiry-based learning. We'll take a look at how Xplorlabs's Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence online learning experience can be used in an inquiry-based learning setting.

Click here to register for this free webinar. 

Yes, it will be recorded! The recording will be posted here on Free Technology for Teachers the next day. You don't need to email me to get the recording.

Olympics, STEM, and Quizzes - The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where I'm sitting inside my newly heated barn which is becoming office space, slowly. Getting the heat working was the most important step in the process because now I can finish mudding, taping, and painting the walls. I'll be spending the day working on that project. It's not exactly fun, but there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes with finishing a job like this. Wherever you are this weekend, I hope that you're doing something fun too.

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