Thursday, March 29, 2018

NoteStreaming 101 - What You Need To Know To Get Started

Earlier today on Twitter I posted a question about notebooks. Specifically, I wanted to know who still uses physical notebooks and, if so, if there is a preference for lined or unlined paper. By the way, I use a notebook with unlined paper and I draw with a Uniball Signo 207.

One of the many responses to my Tweet came from Dr. Tom Grissom. I've followed Tom's work for almost as long as I've been writing this blog. He replied with a link to his video in which he introduces viewers to the concepts of notestreaming. In the video he demonstrates how he uses OneNote, Microsoft Forms, and OBS Recorder to create notestreams. It's a great concept that, when applied correctly, could be very helpful in providing students with video content to supplement course instruction. Watch Tom's video as embedded below or jump to his OneNote notebook of resources which includes this introductory video.

Free Webinar - Behind the Scenes at Common Craft

When it comes to producing clear explanations of tricky topics, no one is better than Lee and Sachi LeFever at Common Craft. Their videos, featuring paper cutouts and flat white backgrounds, have helped millions of people understand topics like RSS, copyright, cyberbullying, and much more. In fact, their style has come to be known as "the Common Craft style" and has been used by teachers and students to create videos of their own.

On April 11th Lee and Sachi are hosting a free webinar titled How We Produce Common Craft Videos. In the webinar you'll see how they make videos from start to finish. There will be opportunity for Q&A with Lee too. They hosted a similar webinar last summer and it was excellent. I'll be joining this webinar and you should too. Click here to register for How We Produce Common Craft Videos.

If you're not sure what a Common Craft video looks like, watch this one embedded below.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Basics of Creating a Quiz in Google Forms

Years ago I published a slideshow that demonstrated how to create a quiz in Google Forms. Even though that slideshow is now outdated, I still get requests for copies of it. To replace that slideshow I made the following video that demonstrates how to create a quiz in the current version of Google Forms.

Take my online course to learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable using Google Forms and all parts of G Suite for Education in your classroom.

Pixabay Videos - How Have I Been Overlooking This?

Thanks to Anthony St. Jean last night I learned that Pixabay hosts public domain videos that you can download for free. It's an option that is right on the front page of Pixabay and I've just overlooked it. To find public domain videos on Pixabay just select the "video" option from the menu on the homepage. The videos that you find through Pixabay can be downloaded as MP4 files in standard or high resolution.

On a related note, visit Dig CC Mixter if you need music for a video project. And take a look at these options for free images to use in your multimedia projects.

Everything That Apple Announced Yesterday - In Under Three Minutes

In case you missed it yesterday, Apple had a big marketing education event in Chicago. MacRumors made this video to summarize all of the things that Apple announced during the event.

As with any shiny new hardware or new software, I always ask:

  • How can it be used?
  • Does it enable students to do things they couldn't do before?
  • Is this the best option for my students?
I'm thinking about those questions today and I'll publish my thoughts a bit later.