Saturday, July 21, 2018

Say Goodbye to Old Google Forms

The current version of Google Forms has been available for almost three years. But change is hard and so there are still people using the old "classic" version of Google Forms. The old version is going to be officially retired by the end of this year. Google has announced that starting on August 22nd you will only be able to create new forms by using the current, AKA "new," version of Google Forms. Also beginning on August 22nd all existing "classic" Forms will be automatically updated to the new or current version of the Google Forms interface.

Any submissions that have been collected through the old version of Google Forms will not be affected by the automatic upgrade to the new version of Google Forms. Any questions that were written in the old version of Google Forms will not be affected by the upgrade to the new version.

My Practical Ed Tech webinar Google Forms and Sheets for Beginners will show you everything you need to know to get started with the latest version of Google Forms. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

An Easy Way to Find Images for Google Slides Presentations

There are plenty of good places to find public domain and Creative Commons images to use in your Google Slides presentations. The Unsplash photos add-on even makes it possible to find public domain images without ever leaving the slides editor. But even with the wealth of images available in the public domain, using your own images can be your best option. If you use Google Photos to save all of the pictures that you take with your phone, you can easily add those images to your Google Slides presentation. Watch my video that is embedded below to see how easy it is to add your Google Photos images to your Google Slides presentations.

On a related note, here are three good places to find free images to use in any multimedia project.

ClassTag's Parent-Teacher Engagement Contest Will Award $10,000 for Classroom Supplies (Kind of)

ClassTag is a teacher-parent communication service that I've watched develop for a couple of years now. I like a lot of what it offers including the option to track how your students' parents respond to messages and adjust your messages accordingly. This month ClassTag announced that they are opening an online marketplace in which teachers can get classroom supplies and other products as rewards for having a high level of engagement with parents through the ClassTag system. The marketplace seems a bit limited right now, but that could change by the time it officially launches on August 3rd.

To generate interest in their marketplace ClassTag is hosting a contest that will award $1,000 of marketplace credit to ten teachers who enter the ClassTag Parent-Teacher Engagement Contest. To enter the contest you have to write a short essay about the innovative and creative ways you've engaged with your students' parents. Entries are due by August 20 and the complete contest rules can be found here.

An Easy Way to Find 360 Videos to View in Google Cardboard

Google Expeditions offers lots of 360 content that your students can explore in Google Cardboard viewers. But Google Expeditions isn't the only source of 360 content that you can use in your Google Cardboard or other virtual reality headsets. There is a lot of 360 content available on YouTube. For example, take a look at the 360 video about constellations that I shared last week. The easiest way to find 360 videos is to conduct a keyword search on YouTube and then filter results to view only 360 videos. Watch my video that is embedded below to learn how to filter YouTube results to display only 360 content.

Practical Ed Tech Webinar - Google Earth, Maps, and VR in Your Classroom

Next Tuesday I'm hosting a Practical Ed Tech webinar titled Google Earth, Maps, and VR Tours. The webinar will introduce you to how to use these powerful tools in your classroom. While social studies is the obvious fit for these tools, they can be used in many other subject areas. In the webinar you will learn how Google Earth, Maps, and VR tour builder can be used in a variety of subject areas besides social studies.

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