Monday, November 5, 2018

A New and Easy ClassDojo Login for Students

Earlier this fall ClassDojo added new features to their digital portfolio tools for students and teachers. The highlight of those was the option for students to select the items that they want included in their portfolios. ClassDojo calls these student-led portfolios. Today, ClassDojo added a new way for students to sign into their portfolios.

Beginning today every student on your ClassDojo roster has his or her own unique QR code. You can print these QR codes and give them to your students to scan to sign into their individual accounts. Of course, this all assumes that a student doesn't then lose the printed code and or doesn't scan his/her classmate's code.

WWF Together - Revisiting a Favorite App

The World Wildlife Fund's Together app has been one of my favorite iPad apps since the first day that I saw it more than five years ago. The app is beautifully designed to show the stories of endangered or threatened animals around the world. This morning it popped-up on my iPad as a featured app suggestion. So I opened it up to see if there was anything new since the last time I looked at it. I was pleased to discover a couple of new items in the app.

WWF Together now features the stories of sixteen threatened or endangered animals around the world. The stories include facts about the animals' ranges, threats to their habitats, and latest news about efforts to help preserve these animals and their habitats. Within each story there is an opportunity for students to take a selfie with an animal. This is done through the use of augmented reality that lets users place an origami rendering of an animal into any setting including a selfie. And for those who want a hands-on activity, WWF Together includes directions for making origami animals.

The following video is a little dated (it doesn't include every feature of the app) but it is still a nice overview of what WWF Together is all about.

Applications for Education
WWF Together is a beautiful app for students to use to learn about endangered species and their habitats at their own pace. One of the aspects of the app that I have always liked is that the app tries to put statistics about the animals and habitats into a relatable context. For example, the range of an animal is displayed as a distance from wherever the user's iPad is but a map is also used to show an animal's range in relation to where the viewer is.

MyBib is Back

The last time that I wrote about MyBib it was to report that I didn't have any information about when it would be back online, if ever. That was exactly one month ago. This morning I received an email from a reader named Eliza who excitedly told me that MyBib is back! As soon as I read her email I went to check it out and, sure enough, MyBib seems to back and functioning as before.

If you're wondering what all this is about, MyBib is a free online bibliography creation tool. Unlike some other bibliography creation services MyBib doesn't charge a fee for their advanced features like exporting your bibliography to Google Drive or using a citation style other than MLA or APA. MyBib can create citations and bibliographies in a wide range of styles including the popular MLA, APA, Chicago, IEEE, and Harvard styles. Watch my video to see how your students can use MyBib to create bibliographies.

Hopefully, MyBib stays around this time. It's frustrating for you and it's frustrating for me to see a promising service quickly shut-down as MyBib did the first time.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

4 Ways to Play Seterra's Online Geography Games

Geography Awareness Week is a coming up later this month. If you find yourself looking for some geography games for your students to play, take a look at what Seterra has to offer. Seterra offers hundreds of geography games in 34 languages. You can play the games online in your web browser or download the apps to play on a phone or tablet. In the following video I demonstrate four ways that you can play the online version of Seterra's geography games.

Disclosure: Seterra is an advertiser on this blog.

Writing Checkers, Images, and Rain - The Week in Review

Good morning from soggy Maine where the deluge of rain has canceled my plans for playing outside this morning. So I'll settle for riding my bike on an indoor trainer. It's not the most fun way to exercise, but it is effective. Wherever you are this weekend I hope that you get time to do something fun.

This week I wrapped-up two online professional development courses on Practical Ed Tech. Next week I'm hosting two new online PD opportunities. Those are Video Projects for Every Classroom and Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners.

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