Tuesday, September 24, 2019

5 Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom - Webinar on Thursday

Every month I host at least one Practical Ed Tech professional development webinar. This month's webinar is an updated version of my popular 5 Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom.

5 Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom will be held this Thursday at 4pm Eastern Time. In the webinar you'll learn how you and your students can create animated videos, green screen videos, documentary-style videos, stop-motion videos, and instructional videos. The webinar will also address concerns about privacy and copyright.

The webinar will be recorded for those who register but cannot attend the live session.

Register here!

Ruff Ruffman Presents Lessons on Search and Advertising for K-2 Students

Ruff Ruffman is the "star" of a PBS Kids series. Yesterday, one of my high school students asked me if my kids watch the show. My daughters are still a little too young for it. But the question did remind me of a couple of little PBS Kids lessons about web search and online advertising that feature Ruff Ruffman "Humble Media Genius."

Ruff Ruffman's Find What You Want features a short video about the basic concepts of web search and a short video about the basics of online advertising. After each of the three minute videos kids can take a self-paced quiz. If you would rather not show the videos, PBS Kids does provide storyboard of both Find What You Want videos that you can show to your students.

Applications for Education
Ruff Ruffman's Find What You Want videos and quizzes aren't going to be a replacement for comprehensive lessons on how to conduct internet searches. That said, the videos and quizzes could make for engaging introduction to the concepts for K-2 students.

Monday, September 23, 2019

How to Create a Transcript of Any YouTube Video

Last week I published a short blog post about a neat tool called SnackVids. That post has proven to be quite popular so I decided to make a little video about it. In the following video you can see how to use SnackVids to create a searchable transcript of videos that you find on YouTube. As you'll see in the video, the transcript is not only searchable but all of the keywords are hyperlinked to timestamps in the video.

7 Styles of Classroom Video Projects - Tools and Tips for Making Them

In the 2019-20 Practical Ed Tech Handbook I included a section all about student video projects. In that section I outlined seven styles of classroom video projects along with tools and tips for making each style of video in your classroom. That section is excerpted and embedded below as a PDF that you can view here or download via the Box.com widget that is embedded below.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Practical Ed Tech Podcast Episode #10 Featuring Adam Bellow

Last week I had the chance to catch up with my old friend, Adam Bellow. Adam Bellow is the co-founder of the massively popular Breakout EDU game platform. Prior to Breakout EDU he started EduClipper and EduTecher. He's also been a keynote speaker at ISTE and many other conferences around the world.

In this episode of The Practical Ed Tech Podcast Adam and I talked about Breakout EDU, the challenges and lessons from creating and bringing a product to market, and changes in the educational technology landscape over the last decade.

You can listen to the episode here or on your favorite podcasting platform.

You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here or find them one of the following podcast networks: