Saturday, January 23, 2021

My Big List of Padlet Tutorials

On Thursday morning I published a video about how to use Padlet to create multimedia timelines. As I mentioned in Thursday's blog post I've been using Padlet for more than a decade. In fact, when I started using it it was called Wall Wisher. Over the years I've made a lot of tutorial videos about how to use various aspects of Padlet and shared a lot of ideas for using it in variety of classroom settings. What follows isn't all of the tutorials that I've made, but it does include all of the most popular functions and some "hidden" features of Padlet. 

The Basics of How to Use Padlet

How to Remake and Reuse a Padlet Wall

How to Create a Multimedia Map in Padlet

How to Make a Video Playlist in Padlet

Nine Ways to Add Notes to Padlet Walls

How to use Padlet Reactions

How to enable commenting on Padlet

Sharing & Privacy in Padlet

How to Use Padlet Mini

How to Embed Padlet Walls Into Google Sites - Two Options

How to Create an Online Art Gallery With Padlet and Google Sites

How to Create a Backchannel on Padlet

Even more tutorials are available here on my YouTube channel

Friday, January 22, 2021

Type Studio - A Truly Unique Way to Edit Your Videos

Type Studio is a new video editing tool. When I used it for the first time yesterday I actually said aloud, "Whoa! That's Awesome!" What made me say that was using the editor to clip a section of video. With video editing tools you have to drag and select a section to delete it or enter time stamps of a section to delete it. In Type Studio I simply selected a few words from the transcript of my video and hit the delete key on my keyboard to remove a section of my video. 

After reading my first paragraph you might be saying, "that's great, but what if I don't have a transcript of my video?" Type Studio creates a transcript for you when you upload your video into their editor. Depending on the length of the video this can just a few minutes or can be quite a bit longer than that. Once the transcript is created it appears your Type Studio editor alongside your original video. Then to cut a section of your video all you have to do is select the words or sentences you want to remove and Type Studio will remove the corresponding section of the video itself. 

Type Studio currently supports fifteen languages. In addition to providing tools for clipping and cutting your videos, Type Studio provides a subtitling service. You could use Type Studio just to create subtitles and transcripts without having to actually do any editing of your video. 

Applications for Education
Type Studio isn't going to replace tools like WeVideo or iMovie, but that's not it's purpose. Where I think it fits into my toolbox is as a tool to quickly and accurately edit recordings of video lessons and recordings of things like lessons conducted in Zoom. It's a heck of a lot quicker and easier to delete a few words and have that section removed from my video than it is to go back into WeVideo or iMovie and try to find the exact right moments in the timeline to cut my video. 

Type Studio will also make it easy to quickly and accurately edit the transcripts and subtitles of the videos that I share with my students.  

I'm planning to make a video about how to use Type Studio later today. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when that video is published. 

What is a Map? - And a New Crash Course in Geography

For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed looking at maps. Whether it's a standard Mercator projection printed on paper or a digital map, looking at maps sparks curiosity in my brain. I'm certain that's why I always enjoyed teaching geography and why I spend so much time today teaching others how to use digital mapping tools. 

What is a map? And why are there so many variations of maps? Those questions and more are answered in the second lesson in a relatively new Crash Course on Geography

By watching What is a Map? students can learn how maps evolved over time, the political implications of maps, and how maps are used to represent data as well as locations. 

Applications for Education
Before showing this video to students ask them what they think the definition of a map is. 

A related activity that I used to do with my 9th grade geography students was to have them to create their own maps of their towns or states and then compare with their classmates' maps. I did that to illustrate the idea that there can be many interpretations of geographic information. That's a lesson the video above reinforces.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

How to Create a Multimedia Timeline With Padlet

Yesterday morning I published a list of my recommended tools for creating multimedia timelines. Padlet is one of the tools that I included in that list. The timeline templates are relatively new in Padlet so I decided to make a short video tutorial on how to use them. One of the things that I like about using Padlet to create multimedia timelines is that you can use any date format that you like. That gives it an advantage over some timeline creation tools that lock students into a particular date format. 

In the following video I demonstrate how to use Padlet to create a multimedia timeline that includes pictures, videos, and text. The video also includes a mention of using the Creative Commons filter in Google Image search. 

For My Fellow Runners and Bikers...

As some of you know I'm an avid cyclist (6300 miles last year) and occasional runner (mostly when I've lost my mind). I keep track of all of my activities in Strava. The other day I was on my bike when I got the idea to create a Strava club for teachers who are interested in giving kudos to each other for running, cycling, or exercising in some form. So that's what I did. I created a public Strava club simply titled Teachers on Strava. It's a public club so anyone can join. 

What's Strava?
I'm glad that you asked. Strava is an app for recording your fitness activities including cycling, running, hiking, swimming, yoga, and many other fitness activities. Strava also has a social networking component in which you can give "kudos" to your friends for completing an activity. You can also share pictures of your activities if you wish. There are other elements to it, but the basics are recording activities and giving kudos to your friends. 

The Teachers on Strava club
I don't have any plans for it other than being a place where teachers can connect with other teachers who also like to run, bike, swim, and generally exercise. School administrators, you're also welcome to join.